• Neta Hareketli Bölme

    Neta Movable Partition Wall

  • Neta Hareketli Bölme

    Neta Movable Partition Wall

  • Trenta TH – Tek Camlı Ofis Bölme Sistemi

    Trenta TH – Single Glass Office Partition System

  • Trenta DG – Çift Camlı Ofis Bölme Sistemi

    Trenta DG – Double Glazed Office Partition System

  • Quattro - Ofis Bölme Sistemi

    Quattro - Office Partition System

  • Neta Hareketli Çatı Pc

    Neta Openable Roof PC

  • Neta Hareketli Çatı Cam

    Neta Glazed Openable Roofing System

  • Neta Teleskopik Havuz

    Neta Telescopic Pool Cover

  • Neta Pergola

    Neta Pergola

  • Neta Gölge

    Neta Shading System

Neta Mimarlık

Neta Architecture was established in 2013 by bringing together many years of experience and knowledge in different disciplines in the building sector.

Our company gathers its activities under two main headings as building products for indoor and outdoor use, and offers special solutions and products for project needs by providing application-oriented project and application services in addition to consultancy services in different scopes in the building sector.

Neta Architecture operates in areas such as movable partition systems, office partition systems, movable wall systems, glass partition systems, shading systems, Danpal polycarbonate roofing and facade panels.

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